Rodney King v. Officer Laurence Powell, in the ring? Please, no….


The Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Rodney King says boxing is helping him stay sober.

King, whose 1991 video taped beating by Los Angeles police helped spark South Central riots a year later, is among a group of D-list celebrities barnstorming the country as part of the Celebrity Boxing Federation.

He and former major league baseball player and steroid user Jose Canseco headline a card tonight at a Springfield hotel.

King will be fighting former basketball player, Derek MacIntosh. Canseco will be up against local amateur boxer Todd Poulton.

King says he decided to get involved in these exhibitions to make some money, stay in shape and stay sober. He’s hoping eventually to get a match with Laurence Powell, one of the police officers involved in his beating.

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