Our Daily Dread: The latest, grabbing a straws, Scully non-story … but one you apparently need to know


Photo by James Doss; www.havecamera.org
Vin Scully speaks to the audience at the Hollywood Radio & Television Society in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.


It comes up every off season now, apparently a reporting hoping to trip Vin Scully into saying this will be his last season behind the mike for the Dodgers. It happened again Tuesday, when he addressed something called the Hollywood Radio & Television Society in Beverly Hills.

Thus, another story (linked here).

More specific, another non-story.

Scully would do best to just avoid talk of this, and he tries. There’ll be some reporter who twists his intentions, scrambles up a story that lacks any real substance, just to create some kind of panic in the community.

Knock it off. Please.

If the “news” this week is that Scully says he’ll do the 2010 season, then decide, fine. Because in November, 2010, he’ll probably say that he’ll do the 2011 season, then decide. On and on.

Yes, he’s almost 82 years old. But he knows it’s a year to year thing. Anything he predicts is silly.

He doesn’t know how his health will be. Or that of his wife. Or his family. Or who’ll own the team. Or …. a thousand other things.

If it’s God’s will, then God willing, he’ll return.

Why is that so hard to understand?


Do we need to start making a list of who’ll replace him someday? That changes year to year as well, depending on who’s contract is up, who’d be willing to give it a shot, who’d want to avoid being “the” replacement and would then be on the short list as the “replacement’s replacement” (see: Chick Hearn, Lakers).

“I’m trying to figure out if I can walk away,” he said. “I’m the horse pulling the wagon with a lot of people on the wagon, so I’m really not sure. God willing, I’ll do next year and then we’ll just have to wait and see.”

There’s obviously trepedation among Dodger fans that he’ll someday leave. That’s inevitable. If they can control it, he’ll leave after they do. That’s quite selfish.

Let it go.

Stop worrying about future and enjoy the moment, or else, when Vin does decide it’s time, you’ll have missed something special.

Above, Vin Scully speaks to the audience at the Hollywood Radio & Television Society in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.
Photo by James Doss

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  • Vin could come out in April and say 2010 will be his final season, come back in September and change his mind after seeing it’s still not so bad. Do you think the Dodgers would tell HIM “no, you can’t come back next year, your decision in April was final”?

  • Michael Green

    I am convinced that Vin’s wife will tell him that she wants him to do what HE wants to do. He will want to keep broadcasting. But I am betting on this scenario: after 2010, Vin quits all road games and just does the home telecasts, except when he occasionally feels like traveling or if his wife is going with him, as she does on rare occasions. Remember Keith Jackson’s retirement, where he didn’t want to fly any more so ABC set it up for him to be within driving distance?