Coming Friday: JB, from the heart


An excerpt from the new autobiography from James Brown, the CBS NFL studio host, called “Role Of A Lifetime”:

All generations are searching for answers and looking for them in the lives of high-profile examples — whom society lifts as role models — who too often live by relative values and are themselves looking for guidance. You and I live in a world that all to often operates under the overriding template of self-promotion, embracing a “Hooray for Me” attitude, and which measures success in increasingly small time snapshots dotted with markers of temporal value. From a lifetime of experiences — both good and not so good — I have learned that a life of real significance will not be found by following that path.

There probably isn’t a better sportscaster out there than Brown to host this weekends Arete Awards of Courage in Sports, which airs Sunday at 3 p.m. — a time slot usually dedicated to things that can’t possibly rate up to an NFL game on another network, so are usually filled with infomercials or off-brand travel shows.

At least TiVo this one — it’ll include 17-year-old Thousand Oaks native Zac Sunderland and a revisit to his solo trip around the world on his sailboat — and read more about the life of JB in Friday’s media column.

== More on Brown’s book:
== A Q-and-A with him after a signing near his home in Bethsda, Md., in October (linked here).

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