Iooss and Leifer … take a picture, it’ll last longer in the Century City photo exhibit


Walter Iooss and Neil Leifer — competitors and co-workers — who, by rough estimates, may together have shot about a billion photos over the last thousand years for Sports Illustrated, have their works on display at a place called the Annenberg Space for Photography (2000 Avenue of the Stars, Century City) starting Saturday and running through March 7.


Iooss and Leifer, both 66, present “Sport: Iooss & Leifer,” begining with a lecture from Iooss on Saturday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The 80 prints on display will be supplimented by hundreds of digital photos that include interviews and commentary from the athletes captured. According to the official website, the exhibiti “will also explore the concepts of the athlete as a hero and role model in our society, as well as how sports are used to improve the public well-being.”

Did you know: SI’s Swimsuit Issue took its form and style because of Iooss’ involvement in the early 1970s.

And that’s Leifer, left, with Muhammad Ali, displaying the iconic photo Leifer took him him standing over a knocked out Sonny Liston in 1965. Note: Herb Scharfman (Wikipedia bio here), the other Sports Illustrated photographer at the fight, is seen between Ali’s legs, looking up, missing the shot from behind.

More information: Admission is free. The building is south of Santa Monica Blvd., and north of Olympic, on the east side of Avenue of the Stars, across the street from the Century Plaza Hotel.

== The official Walter Iooss site (linked here)


== Among the many books by Iooss:
= “Sports Illustrated: Athlete” (2008, linked here)
= “Classic Baseball” (2006, linked here)
= “Hoops: Four Decades of the Pro Game” (2005, linked here)
= “Classic Golf: The Photographs of Walter Iooss, Jr.” (2004, linked here)
= “Gladiators: 40 Years of Football” (2000, linked here)
= “Walter Iooss: A Lifetime Shooting Sports and Beauty” (1999, linked here)
= “Junior: Griffey on Griffey” (1997, linked here)
= “Sporting Life: The Journals” (1996, linked here)
= “Rare Air: Michael on Michael” (1993, linked here)
= “Sports People” (1988, linked here)

== The official Neil Leifer site (where you can buy photos, linked here).


== Among the many books by Leifer:
= “Ballet in the Dirt: The Golden Age of Baseball” (2008, linked here)
= “A Year In Sports: From the Rose Bowl to Figure Skating” (2006, linked here)
= “The Golden Age of American Football: 1958 to 1978” (1980, linked here)
= “The Best of Leifer” (2001, linked here)
= “Neil Leifer: Portraits” (2003, linked here)

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