Play it forward: Nov. 16-22 on your L.A. sports calendar




We suspect Michael Roll, Drew Gordon, Nikola Dragovic, Malcolm Lee and Jerime Anderson are your starting five, for now, for Ben Howland. Off the bench: James Keefe is back in, fifth-year senior Michael Roll … uh … freshman kid, son of Detlef Schrempf … a 5-8 guard named Spencer Soo …Get used to it. And we now launch ESPN’s 12-game, 24-hour cram session.
College basketball: UCLA vs. Cal State Fullerton, Pauley Pavilion, 9 p.m., ESPN, 570-AM.

The Mats try to get off the mat from last Friday’s game at Purdue with a stop-over in Tempe, hoping to face Arizona State in Tuesday’s followup.
College basketball: Cal State Northridge vs. Texas Christian, NIT Season Tipoff Tournament at Tempe, Ariz., 7:30 p.m.,

The sun sets on the Kings’ five-game roadie in Sunrise, Fla., without any thoughts of that 7-0 loss in Atlanta or 4-1 to start it all in Chicago. Probably. Just get home in one piece.
NHL: Kings at Florida, 4:30 p.m., FSN West, 1150-AM.

Brady Quinn is ready, perhaps, for another closeup. Cue up the Village People music.
NFL: Baltimore at Cleveland, 5:30 p.m., ESPN.


Ernie Harwell, diagnosed with inoperable cancer, tells Bob Costas in this MLB Network interview that he thinks he’s seen his last baseball game. “Back in July, the doctors gave me six months to live, give or take a few months,” the 91-year-old Harwell said. “I’m hoping to reach my birthday on Jan. 25, but I’m pretty sure I won’t make the baseball season. But you never know as the Lord works wonders. I’m not overwhelmed by the circumstances. One of the doctors said, ‘If you were my father, I’d say, don’t do anything, just relax and wait for the inevitable.’ But I had great peace about that and closure to it, and I knew God was in charge and whatever happens, happens for the best. I really have a lot of serenity and great support from my wife, family and friends. It’s been so far a fairly easy task to accept it.”
Interview: Bob Costas with Ernie Harwell, MLB Network, 5 p.m.

These two games are actually live, starting at 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. local time. Swear.
College basketball: Monmouth vs. St. Peters, 3 a.m., ESPN; Drexel vs. Niagra, 5 a.m., ESPN.


They started a five-game homestand with a loss Sunday to Houston. … Aaron Brooks? … And how did Ben Wallace end up back with the Pistons?
NBA: Lakers vs. Detroit, Staples Center, 7:30 p.m., FSN West, 710-AM.

Great non-Scott, the Hornets are a mess. Even messier, in some ways, than the Clippers.
NBA: Clippers at New Orleans, 5 p.m., Prime Ticket, 980-AM.

As for these Trojans, the starters are Dwight Lewis, Marcus Johnson, Marcus SImmons … who are we kidding here? And the coach’s name again is …?
College basketball: USC vs. UC Riverside, Galen Center, 7:30 p.m.,


Nowhere else to fly, it’s a home game against the Flyers.
NHL: Kings vs. Philadelphia, 7:30 p.m., FSN West, 1150-AM.

The Grizzlies actually have a worse record than the Clippers. Swear.
NBA: Clippers at Memphis, 5 p.m., Prime Ticket, 980-AM.

Support your local hoops. And don’t look again at the Anteaters’ game against No. 3 Texas on Sunday.
College basketball: UC Irvine at Loyola Marymount, 8 p.m., Prime Ticket.



Probably best the Bulls are out of Chicago for a road trip. Saves Derrick Rose some local embarassment in the “What’s Sexy Now Chicago Athlete” award voting, even if it means posing with Marisa Miller (more on this, linked here).
NBA: Lakers vs. Chicago, Staples Center, 7:30 p.m., FSN West, 710-AM.

Oprah may re-run the show she did the other day with the lady attacked by the chimpanzee. Watch that instead of this.
NFL: Miami at Carolina, NFL Network, 5:20 p.m.



We heard through the Grapevine, Bakersfield’s team bus may have trouble getting to Westwood in Friday traffic.
College basketball: UCLA vs. Cal State Bakersfield, Pauley Pavilion, 7:30 p.m., FSN West, 570-AM.

The end of Orlando’s game against Boston on ESPN could run long and force us to miss the start of this one. We can only hope.
NBA: Clippers vs. Denver, Staples Center, 7:30 p.m., ESPN, Prime Ticket, 980-AM.



The Bruins, we predict, will end up with enough wins to be bowl eligible. This one, based on what we’ve seen of the Sun Devils, shouldn’t be much of a struggle. Then comes USC.
College football: UCLA vs. Arizona State, Rose Bowl, 1 p.m., FSN West, 570-AM.

Can we knock off the Saturday day-time hockey games until further notice? Or play ’em outside.
NHL: Kings vs. Calgary, Staples Center, 1 p.m., FSN West, 1150-AM.

Another reason to support the local cagers.
College basketball: USC vs. Loyola Marymount, Galen Center, 5 p.m.,



On May 6, a 2-2 tie at Salt Lake. On June 13, a 2-0 loss at Home Depot Center. On this day, the Galaxy finds the real deal — a chance to win their third MLS Cup in team history, and Beckham has everyone’s attention.
MLS Cup: Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake, in Seattle, 5:30 p.m., ESPN.

Russell Westbrook, who averaged about 5 assists a game as a rookie for the Oklahoma Citians, is up to 7.7 a game so far this season, with an 11-assist game in a three-point win over San Antonio on Saturday, then seven more in a loss — for real? — to the Clippers on Sunday night.
NBA: Lakers vs. Oklahoma City, Staples Center, 6:30 p.m., FSN West, 710-AM.

Looks interesting on paper. If your paper was 1987.
NFL: Washington at Dallas, 10 a.m., Channel 11.

Looks really good on paper. If your paper was 1984.
NFL: Philadelphia at Chicago, 5:20 p.m., Channel 4.

According to those who do the mathematics required in motor sports, Jimmie Johnson just needs to finish 25th or better in this season finale to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup title. Again. For the fourth season in a row. “We finished 38th last week,” Johnson said after winning in Phoenix on Sunday. “We saw in Texas anything can happen. So we don’t need to get too excited about it.” Oh, go ahead. You can afford it. C’mon, get happy.
NASCAR: Ford 400 from Miami, 11:30 a.m., Channel 7.

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