While we’ve got the UFL on our unfriend link, whatever happened to that USFL comeback try?


As long as we’re in for drama — that’s what “they” are saying on today’s column (linked here) about the future of the United Football League ever coming to L.A. — here’s the latest posting by the group trying to revive the spring football United States Football League.

Wait’ll 2011.

On the official website (linked here), it says:

REDONDO BEACH, CA – The New United States Football League announces plans to launch a professional spring football league to begin in the Spring of 2011. The league’s goal is to have 10-12 teams in the first year of play with teams throughout the United States.

“We have a strong sense of history and believe that the marketplace has demonstrated the desire to have ‘Spring football’,” said New USFL Founder/President Michael Dwyer. “The USFL had a strong connection with many of its fans and we hope to re-ignite that passion and pick up where the others left off.”

The league will play traditional stadium-played football with most of the rules being based from the original USFL concepts. The league is also in the process of recruiting its staff and securing sponsorships with announcements to follow in the near future.

“Other leagues have proven that the talent is out there,” Dwyer said. “We want to be the Spring destination of the ultimate football fan who can’t wait for the Fall.”

The league will announce cities that will play in 2011 at a later date, but Dwyer said that former USFL locations would receive strong consideration when selecting where franchises will be placed.

Sponsors or potential investors interested in partnering with the New USFL should contact Michael Dwyer at michael_dwyer@newusfl.com.

Will L.A. be included in this discussion? According to someone close to the decision-making process, no. They’re pushing for a San Diego franchise in Southern California because that’s where most of the investors live and the league will be based. A team also in L.A. would provide too much competition right way.

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