Our Daily Dread: The Dodger fire sale begins — stay classy Juan Pierre in Chicagoland


Two players on the Chicago White Sox roster will be delivered to the Dodgers by Jan. 7 in a trade announced today for outfielder Juan Pierre.

The cheaper they come, the better.

In one sense, the Dodgers dump an expensive contract. In another, they give themselves no insurance if/when Manny Ramirez bails out in the middle of his option season for lack of interest/injury/fertility drug use.

In a large sense, they give up too much character.

You were concerned that the Dodgers were too quiet? Here’s the opposite. It’s time to dump payroll. Poor Juan, and his five-year, $44 million deal that had yet expired. In fact, the Dodgers will reportedly pay about $10 mil of the $18.5 mil left on the final two years of Pierre’s contract.

Yes, they’ll pay him to leave.

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti says that “Juan always put the Dodgers first, even when it wasn’t in his personal best interest. In this day, that is a rare attribute. When he and I spoke at the end of the season, we agreed that if an opportunity presented itself in which his chance to play would be enhanced, we would pursue it and that’s what we’ve done. He deserved the chance to play more.”

And Dodger fans deserve … nothing.

In three years with the Dodgers, Pierre hit .294, stole 134 bases and had a .339 on base percentage. Last year, all he did was hit .308 in 145 games.

Which two players off the White Sox’s roster should the Dodgers expect?

Jake Peavy and Paul Konerko?

Mark Buehrle and Bobby Jenks?

Think more, OMG, Brian Omogrosso and Brent Lillibridge.

Although the Chisox did just add Andruw Jones to their roster … Does Pierre know he’ll be challenging him — again — for playing time?

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