The Donald, celebrity golf, and TV cameras: If that wasn’t a recipe for ego-stroking disaster, we otherwise wouldn’t care


The Golf Channel, having enough from Hank Haney trying to fix everyone’s sick swing, has swung it into full-gear sellout by announcing a Donald Trump six-part show that seems to be like “Big Break” except there are supposed to be celebs involved and more exposure for his golf course ventures.

The appropriately cheesy-named “Donald J. Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf” was announced today but won’t launch until April, 2010. But the storyboard already laid out for this should supercede “30 Rock” as the parody hit of the season.

To wit:

“To ensure each episode brings excitement and a high-level of competition, celebrity players will face-off against others of similar handicaps. The match-ups are destined to take a series of twists and turns as Trump will present many entertaining and exciting challenges along the way, including a pre-determined hole that will be worth $10,000 for the respective charity. While the high-stakes competition is a focal point of the program, viewers also will be offered exclusive access to some of Trump’s most incredible golf properties – from West Palm Beach to his top-rated courses in Scotland, New York, New Jersey and California. Off the course, in each show, fans also will catch a glimpse at how Trump brings his competitive bravado to his growing golfing empire.”

The Donald’s statement: “As everyone knows, golf has always been one of my greatest passions, so I’m excited to work on this new program with Golf Channel, which consists of showcasing some of my top-rated golf resorts from around the world, intriguing discussion and fierce competition with some of the biggest known celebrities of today, and my altruistic goals. I’m also looking forward to granting viewers access to the inner workings of the very successful Trump golf business.”


Speaking of which: What is Trump’s current handicap that he lies about? Gotta be the hair.

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