How New York has become Tiger Town


Congrats to the New York Post: Thursday’s photo of Tiger Woods on its cover was the 20th consecutive day the newspaper had mention of him on either its front or back page.

The previous record — 15 consecutive front-page stories dedicated to 9/11 back in 2001.

Nice perspective on life.

From the story (linked here): “Tiger Named Best Swinger of the Decade”

He’s just that good.
Tiger Woods was acknowledged yesterday for his athletic prowess – this time, outside the bedroom.
The philandering dog and world – class golfer was voted “Athelete of the Decade” by members of the Associated Press yesterday, giving Woods a pass on recent revelations — and his own admission — that he cheated on his wife.

The record was noted as well on, comparing how Tiger Woods and 9/11 have now been linked: “Two topics with about as much in common as Lyle Alzado and Stephen Hawking.”

The site also reported that during the Post streak, the site also had a story posted on Dec. 9 with the headline: “Tiger Undergoes Spaying.”

A list of the other Tiger covers and main headlines during the streak (all linked here)

Nov. 28: Tiger’s short drive (on the sports back cover)
Nov. 29: Tiger Cops out
Nov. 30: Cagey Tiger: Ducks Police 3rd day
Dec. 1: Exclusive: Tiger and Me
Dec. 2: Tiger’s Birdies
Dec. 3: Tiger admits: I’m a cheetah
Dec. 4: Tiger’s ‘green’ fees!
Dec. 5: Rachel’s story
Dec. 6: Tiger in the rough
Dec. 7: Tiger’s back 9
Dec. 8: Tiger’s Wife Turns Tail
Dec. 9: Mistress: Tiger Paid Me
Dec. 10: Tiger’s Sex Texts
Dec. 11: Ho, Tiger!
Dec. 12: Tiger Pulls Out
Dec. 13: $180m: What Tiger’s Timeout will cost him: That’s $15m a fling
Dec. 14: Toxic Tiger Fired: Sponsor 1st to dump damaged golf icon
Dec. 15: Exclusive: ‘He’s only just coping – he’s on the edge’ Tiger’s Agony
Dec. 16: Outta Here! Tiger’s wife taking kids and leaving lair
Dec. 17: Top Dog! Tiger Named Athlete of the Decade (and he golfed, too)

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