Where in the world is Spero Dedes?


We know last night the Lakers’ radio play-by-play man was in Milwaukee with Mychal Thompson calling that overtime victory.

We now know he’ll be in South Bend, Ind., on Saturday, doing his first college basketball gig for CBS, on UCLA-Notre Dame (Channel 2, 11 a.m.), with Greg Anthony as his partner.

We know he usually spends Sunday mornings in Culver City hosting the NFL Network’s pregame show.

We also know the Lakers have a game Saturday night in New Jersey and Sunday afternoon in Detroit.

How does this work?

Dedes said in an email today that he’ll have to miss the NFL Network show in Sunday, “my first one this season,” as well as Saturday’s Lakers-Nets game in his home state (Bill Macdonald will fly out to fill in).

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