More on Zac and Abby Sunderland, the ’09 DN Sportspersons of the Year

Following up on today’s column (linked here):


== Follow Abby Sunderland as she nears the launch date of her five-month non-stop tour of the world aboard her new vessel, Wild Eyes (linked here)

== Follow Zac Sunderland as he contemplates his next trip, and takes advanced orders for a DVD documenting his around-the-world voyage (linked here)

== The June 15 ESPN Magazine cover piece on Zac’s trip (linked here)

== And as to why the Sunderland family — which includes 12-year-old Toby, 11-year-old Jessie, 6-year-old Lydia, soon-to-be 5-year-old Katherine, 2-year-old Ben and another on the way this summer — lives, in all places, land-locked Thousand Oaks, Marianne Sunderland explains:

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“We lived for a long time in Marina del Rey, but it really wasn’t kid-friendly,” Zac and Abby’s mother explained. “We were going to church in Simi Valley and someone told us about about how nice it was to live around there. We had just sold our last boat and were looking for a fixer-upper when a house came up (in Thousand Oaks). It’s great for the family. It’s not so great for (husband) Lawrence, because it’s a heck of a commute.”

Laurence, a shipwright who repairs and delivers boats, usually takes Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu canyon to get to his working sites, which include Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and as far as Long Beach.

As for which of the Sunderland kids is the one to most worry about, Marianne didn’t hesistate: “My 2-year-old (Ben) is likely to grab a hammer and run off with no fear.”

Stay tuned for the 2025 Daily News Sportsperson of the Year: Ben Sunderland.

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