Your L.A. NFL TV week 17 schedule: Let’s end it with some implications


Life couldn’t be better in Tagliabueville Goodell Falls. Optimism stretches from … here …. to there ….

Unless your a Colts’ fan, still booing.

CBS NFL studio analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher has this to stay in a network-released statement about how the league’s regular-season will finish this weekend:

“It’s wonderful for a Week 17 to have as many playoff-implication games as we have, particularly in the AFC, and even still now in the NFC with a bye week riding on the final results. The NFL playoff system is as good as you’re going to have it. I’ve always said about the National Football League, as opposed to the other professional Leagues, you can play your way into the playoffs. In a lot of other Leagues you play your way out of the playoffs. That very clearly indicates to me that the NFL has the right amount of teams in the playoffs – not too many, not too few. Nothing is more evident than what we see in Week 17 with all the possible playoff implications that still exist.”

It’s wonderful to be Cowher, too. Not having to explain why your team won the Super Bowl one year and has to rely on others to just return to the playoffs the next season.

Oh, and we like implications. It implies there’s more to what we’re watching and don’t understand all the ramifications.


Like, can the Cowboys win the NFC East? Apparently so, by beating the Eagles.

Like, why did the league move Cincinnati-N.Y. Jets to the NBC Sunday night contest? Because a Carson Palmer-Mark Sanchez matchup seemed as necessary as a hot-dog eating contest?

It’s been pointed out that if New England wins earlier in the day against Texas, Cincinnati has nothing to play for against the Jets and will probably rest its starters. The Jets need to win to get in — it’s the only “win or go home” contest on the docket for Sunday. So that’s why it’s in the prime-time spot.

Sunday’s Week 17 finale to the regular season, according to your L.A. providers:

10 a.m., Channel 11: N.Y. Giants at Minnesota (with Kenny Albert, Moose Johnson and Tony Siragusa) instead of San Francisco-St. Louis, Atlanta-Tampa Bay, New Orleans-Carolina or Chicago-Detroit.

10 a.m., Channel 2: Pittsburgh at Miami (with Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf) instead of Indianapolis-Buffalo, New England-Houston or Jacksonville-Cleveland.

1 p.m., Channel 2: Baltimore at Oakland (with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms) instead of Kansas City-Denver or Tennessee-Seattle.

1 p.m., Channel 11: Philadelphia at Dallas (with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman) instead of Green Bay-Arizona or Washington-San Diego.


5:15 p.m., Channel 4: Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets (with Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Andrea Kremer).

Now go back up to that photo of George Bailey and see, without consulting with Uncle Billy, how big a deal it is having two former USC QBs — Palmer or Sanchez — sneaking a sideline hotdog in the midst of a prime-time contest.

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