Our Daily Dread: Answer this: Is it a leap of fate, or a deleted scene from “Speed”?

What has the bigger upside for a New Year’s Eve live televised disaster in L.A.: The Clippers’ Staples Center game against Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers, or Travis Pastrana pushing a Subaru off a ramp, over 30-feet deep water, and onto a large barge in Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor?

TNT will televise tonight’s Clippers contest with the 9-22 Sixers at 6:30 p.m. (with Kevin Harlan, Doug Collins Reggie Miller and Cheryl Miller). Sorry, it’s public information. Just in case you needed to know.

But by about halftime, ESPN will televise Pastrana rally-car jump about the length of a football field at 8 p.m., right after that danger Chick-fil-A Bowl between (we’re not sure, look it up) has concluded.


Across the street from LA Live — a safe distance from where George Lopez is in concert at the Nokia Theatre, where the Stone Temple Pilots are playing at Club Nokia and where the Gypsi Kings are at the Conga Room, and perhaps where Steve Mason is sharing chicken strips at the ESPN Zone with Arash Markasi (who, for some reason, has a four paragraph Wikipedia entry on himself, linked here) — you already have a vision of how this Clippers thing against the Clippers will end up. Baron Davis will get into a “contest” with “The Answer,” Elton Brand will disappear in the third quarter to see if he can get some of his old Clipper gear at an LA Team Store discount, and we’ll be at the Philly official team site throwing 10 bucks out on the Visa card to order the Sixers Dancer Team 2010 calendar (linked here).

We expect traffic to be usually heavy in that two-square block off Figueroa. As well as traffic on the Sixers’ website.

It’s up to you how daring you are at dodging cars while crossing Chick Hearn Court.

But if you can’t get your head around what’s going on at the Pine Street Pier in Long Beach, here’s a CGI attempt at what Pastrana will be attempting (possibly with a Red Bull in his right hand the whole time):

The goal is to break the 171-foot world record for the longest distance jump in a rally car. Pastrana will try to make it to 250 feet in his “street-legal” rig.

More or less.

Mostly, right on the mark.

Rescue crews are standing by.

No limits on how crazy this can all get.

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