Our Daily Dread: Who’ll replace …


The headline in today’s L.A. Times on the sports cover: “Angels are in difficult position.”

Why, because Vlad Guerrero wants to come back?

No. Rory Markas just died, and now they have to find a new play by play man to fill his role. They’ve got two months to do so. It’ll likely be the guy they just let go.

You’re kidding me?

How about this headline: Markas’ family is in a difficult position....

Rory hasn’t been gone more than 24 hours — we don’t even know what caused the 54-year-old to tragically pass away — and someone is worried about the politics involved in asking someone to come back and fill his seat.

Eight paragraphs into the story, writer Diane Pucin seems to have figured it out: “It’s horribly sad to ask so soon and yet it’s being asked. Who succeeds Markas?”

It’s simply horrible. And who’s asking at this point? You sure?

When she finally got around to asking Steve Physioc about all this, he said: “I’ll do what anybody wants me to do. I’m just kind of numb right now. Rory was a dear, dear friend. That’s No. 1.”

I can’t even believe I’m typing this.

She ends the story about wondering if the Angels could bring Physioc back even after they “kicked him to the curb.”

“That’s not how things work in sports or television or politics. It’s about trying to find the next new thing. Not rediscovering what you already had.”

Hold on. In this case, I can tell you: Rory would have wanted Physioc to have his spot if he couldn’t do it. He felt very badly that someone had to be on the outs after he was given the lead TV play-by-play job back in November. He didn’t want to climb anyone’s back to get to where he finally arrived, unlike many in this business.

Rory earned the shot. The fact he passed away knowing he finally had his dream job may be some consolation.

Meanwhile, USC has had to find a replacement for Rory within hours of his passing — that’s awhole different sad story. As of Tuesday afternoon, USC radio game producer Ann Beebe was not just trying to mourn the loss of her friend Markas, but also scramble to find someone to do play-by-play for tonight’s USC-Stanford basketball game in Palo Alto.

Physioc, ironically, was taken up on his offer to the school and flew up to do the game tonight (830-AM and 1260-AM, instead of 710-AM because it conflicts with the Lakers broadcast). Beebe said there will be a tribute to Rory at halftime of tonight’s broadcast.

Then, starting with Saturday’s USC-Cal game in Berkeley, Pete Arbogast, who has been USC’s football play-by-play man, will do the last 15 games of the season.

After the season, USC will decide on a permanent replacement for Markas.

Other than that, any other speculation about anything at this point is so inappropriate, I can’t even finish this senten …

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