Here’s your shot (not in the rear end): Talk to Canseco, about, you know, stuff…


That headline may be longer than this blog post:

CNN’s L.A.-based “Larry King Live Tonight” (6 p.m., replayed ad nauseum) has an “exclusive” with Jose Canseco “regarding Mark McGwire’s steroid use and Canseco’s claim that he introduced McGwire to the banned substance. Canseco will take viewer calls and emails.”

He will also take donations. Especially at his website (linked here).

If you can’t wait, Canseco already talked to’s Fanhouse (linked here) on why McGwire had to come out: “He pretty much had to. There’s was going to be a time where he’s going to have confront these issues. The media wasn’t going to stop until it got a final answer.”

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