The Media Learning Curve: Jan. 8-15

Somehow, the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” found FSN West reporter Patrick O’Neal — or vice versa — during Thursday’s Kings-Ducks coverage (above). We didn’t learn much from that encounter.


That said, we did seem to learn more about life whenever we flipped on ABC and found “Room 222” during our wonder years (’69-’74) (show bio linked here). Oh, Miss Johnson (Karen Valentine) . ….

And did you know: Guidance counselor Mrs. McIntyre (Denise Nicholas) used to be married to L.A. sportscaster Jim Hill

We go back to class to try to learn something new every week about the sports media from scanning other blogs, reading other publications, and listening to what the TV told us.

Stuff like:

== ESPN’s Rick Reilly (linked here) tries to write the last word on the passing of Christine Daniels/Mike Penner, but I’m not sure it even comes close to hitting the mark.

== How Mark McGwire orchested his steroid admission in the media with the help of a former presidental press secretary (linked here).

== We like the headline — “Five Offensively Stupid Reactions to Mark McGwire’s Steroid Use” — as well as the five chosen pundints, one of which was NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams leading off his telecast with a commentary (linked here).

== If there’s an integrity-of-the-game issue in the NHL, this producer paid for it (linked here). And turns out the guy is the son of a former Penguins player (linked here).

== Gary McCord and David Feherty (plus Natalie Gulbis, Duffy Waldorf and Rocco Media) play themselves on an episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” coming up next week (linked here).

== Somehow, we missed the memo about Junior Seau castrating a thoroughbred at Fairplex in Pomona on the next episode of “Sports Jobs”:

== We’d be more interested in the shift of NASCAR coverage from over-the-air to cable if more viewers actually could tell the two apart (linked here).

== Art Rust, Jr. (1927-2010) (linked here)

== Need to know more about ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter? (linked here)

== Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert brings the Second Amendment right to bare arms in his commentary about Gilbert Arenas, and tells Mark McGwire: “You might want to inject some steroids into those tear ducts to clear up that case of pussy eye”:

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== Yes, Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck will change jobs for a day, meaning he can now be satired on “Saturday Night Live” as a member of “The View” who believes everything he reads on the Internet (linked here).

== Surprisingly not all were entertained by Joe Theismann back in the live NFL game booth (linked here).



== Why we like ESPN polls with colored maps (linked here):

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