Questionable leftovers


What didn’t fit into today’s “It’s Out of the Question” column (linked here) — because it evolved into a one-topic conversation — became stuff we’ve decided to post here.


You question us?

Because everything’s not a black-and-white question, fool …

== Over-under on the number of months USC AD Mike Garrett can go without a meaningful Q-and-A to explain the past problems and future solutions with his athletic programs?

== Remember when the USC women’s basketball program would win national championships to get the same spark of attention that new coach Michael Cooper received after a win over rival UCLA last week?

== If the Knoxvillian villagers want to raise their torches and rename a local sewage treatment plant in honor of departed Vols coach Lane Kiffin, why knock it? Wouldn’t a waste management center be more politically correct, since the program just recycled another coach – Vince Dooley’s kid – to take Fast Lane’s place?

== How could the Dodgers have used Joel Pineiro? Seriously?

== If this new Minnesota Vikings fight song that Prince wrote and recorded called “Purple and Gold” actually catches on, would the Lakers be open to having Jeffrey Osborne cut a version of it? Or better yet, after actually hearing it played, do Vikings’ fans now know that this is what it sounds like when the droves cry?

== How do you not push for a Favre-Manning Super Bowl?

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