Coming Sunday: The Kelly Kulick Q-and-A


Imagine Annika Sorenstam winning the Masters.

That might be the best analogy, to bowling fans, in explaining how Kelly Kulick broke a glass ceiling with am Ebonite last Sunday in Las Vegas.

After starting the PBA’s Tournament of Champions with a humbling 152 game, she took a deep breath and, by the end of the week, the TV cameras were capturing her mopping up the defending player of the year by 70 pins and becoming the first woman to win on the men’s tour.

She really has no choice. There’s no more women’s pro tour, not since 2003. The PBA sponsors seven women’s events, and because she won the PBA Women’s World Series last September in Detroit, she had an exemption into last week’s event, entering a field with 63 other former tour-stop champions.

So it’s not just like Sorenstam going into a PGA event in Texas and somehow winning. Kulick won a major.

She’s the focus of our Sunday Q-and-A. And just to let everyone know: This Jersey girl is 32, single, and unattached. But she’s not looking for a man who likes to bowl. It’s too competitive for a relationship.

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