More inconvenient truths about Ticketmaster and getting out to Dodger Stadium


How do you get soaked at Dodger Stadium? Keep buying your tickets through Ticketmaster.

Four years ago, we threw a blog posting out there about the charges that occur when, for instance, a Dodger fan wanted to buy a $6 pavilion seat through the team’s Website. By the time Ticketmaster rang up all its fees, that $6 ticket became $15.50 (linked here), a 158 percent increase over the face value.

It’s come up again, now for USC or UCLA fans who are interested in buying a $5 general admission ticket to the Trojans-Bruins game to be played at Dodger Stadium on Feb. 28.


In this pretty cool scenario for those stircrazy for the 2010 MLB season to start, the Dodgers are hosting this USC-UCLA game as the back-end of a doubleheader at 2 p.m., following an 11 a.m. Oklahoma State-Vanderbilt game.

In a press release, the Dodgers have make it clear that all proceeds from the event will benefit the Dodgers Dream Foundation.

The $5 tickets can be purchased at on line, as well as in person at the USC and UCLA campus box offices. If you buy them the day of the game, it’s $10 at the stadium. There is no charge for parking.

Do it through the Dodgers’ website, and Ticketmaster takes charge.

There is still a $2-per-ticket handling fee.
Then there’s a $3 transaction fee.
Then there’s an extra charge of $2.50 if you want to print them out yourself.

Now that single $5 ticket is $12.50.


You might as well pay $10 at the gate and have all of it go to the Dream Foundation.

(And for the record, concession stands will be selling beer at the college games, a luxury usually not afforded college students at their own facilities).

You can avoid the $2.50 print charge and have them mailed to you with no fee. Or, you can pay anywhere between $14.50 and $25 to have them delivered via UPS. Seriously? The other charge is $3, if you want to “avoid long lines and pick up your tickets at a participating Ticketmaster Retail Outlet.”

At the very least, that $5 ticket will cost twice as much — $10 — if you want it through Ticketmaster.

We’re guessing it can only get better bitter when Ticketmaster merges with Live Nation.

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  • bob schultz

    the same thing happens with tickets to the la philharmonic. The price for the cheapest seat doubles with TicketMaster fees. A better name for the company would be RipoffMaster. How the hell can they incur charges when you printout your ticket? Doesn’t it save them money? Some companies are just sleazebags trying to extract money from consumers for no apparent services. scam anyone?