Your favorite Winter Olympic-themed flick … it’s cool asked moviegoers to pick the greatest Winter Olympic movie of all-time.

The results:

1. Cool Runnings (1993) – 40 percent
2. Blades of Glory (2007) – 22 percent
3. Miracle (2004) – 20 percent
4. The Cutting Edge (1992) – 14 percent
5. Downhill Racer (1969) – 4 percent
(Total votes 14,967)

Our call:


1. Downhill Racer (’69). Robert Redford plays David Chappellet, pre-Bode Miller. He’s pissed off at his coach (Gene Hackman) most of the time. According to “The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies” by Ray Didinger and Glen Macnow, Redford did his own skiing, but only had a stunt double (former ski racer Joe Jay Jalbert) when he needed to fall down. What really makes this film stick with us is the movie’s tagline: “How fast must a man go to get where he’s at?” Never end a promo with a preposition.

2. Ice Castles. (1978). Robby Benson, hot off his awkward appearance as Henry Steel in “One On One,” is pitted up with real-life figure skater Lynn-Holly Johnson, who suddenly goes blind (!) after a skating fall. (What is it with eye issues in skating movies?) Our boy Rob pulls her back and makes her realize she can still compete in the Winter Olympics. Can’t you see how good you are? Oh, right … Just listen to the Marvin Hamlisch score and dream big.

3. Miracle on Ice (1981). Not the really good version six years ago with Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks. Here, it’s Karl Malden as Herbie in a made-for-TV flick just a year after it happened. Steve Guttenberg and Andrew Stevens are also in it, which gives it a dash of “Slap Shot.” Don’t view this one sober.

4. The Cutting Edge (’92). Without this, there’s no “Blade of Glory.” D. B. Sweeney goes from hockey player to figure skater and gets matched up with Moira Kelly. Can they co-exist?


5. Cool Runnings (’93). John Candy tries, but really can’t pull it off in this Disney flick that seems to be one big ad for Red Stripe beer.

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