NASCAR-wreck alert: Fans think they got them some talent

Figures. Just when NASCAR is all done with L.A., it decided to launch a song-and-dance talent show for its fans.

Speed, the auto-racing cable channel owned by Fox, is about to launch a reality show “Fast Track to Fame” that’ll debut on March 1 at 6 p.m., with 10 episodes lined up to find those who think they have talent in coordination of where ever NASCAR stops along the way.


Fox says they way they’ll find contestants is through the local media in whatever city NASCAR happens to land (last week, Fontana; this week, Las Vegas). Riki Rachtman is one of the judges. NASCAR personalities will also be part of the judging. Although this here thing looks like the perfect vehicle for Terry Bradshaw somehow.

Broadcast & Cable reports today that the show is the first major development announced since Fox Sports chairman David Hill expanded his role at News Corp.

Michael Waltrip will host it. His brother, Darrell, is part of Fox’s NASCAR broadcast team. His other brother Darrell may be the only other person interested in watching this.

“I love talent shows,” Michael says in the B&C story. “I went to Hunter (Nickell, Speed Channel president) and told him he should air a NASCAR talent show. He thought it was a great idea, and next thing you know, we’re doing it. I know there’s a lot of hidden talent in NASCAR Nation, and we’re going to find it and have a blast while we do.”

Charissa Thompson will co-host the hour-long show for singers, dancers and comedians. Presumably, those who also can play a song on their belly, fart to “King Of The Road” and gangle their car keys will have access to coming on.

It begins taping this week and runs until May. NASCAR does return to Southern California, but not until Oct. 10, the sixth race from the season-ender.

By that time, we’ll be so lonesome we could cry.

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