Costas: Stop with the booty call-outs


Bob Costas, in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, said it about viewer complaints related to NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics:

“Some of it is really informed and insightful, and some of it is something people pull out of their rear end.”

Here’s some of the reader response we got already from our column today (linked here), by readers like you who speak from either your front or rear ends:


— Jack & Joy Patzold:

“My wife and I agree with your article this morning that NBC has really screwed up their ‘coverage’ of the Olympics. We also have the ability to receive MSNBC and just by luck and the schedule in the Daily News Sports section we were able to view the last 20 minutes of the USA vs. Canada game; a thriller to be sure!

When we saw the antics later in the night we could not believe our eyes, This event by Mr. Costas, et. al., ranks up there with equipment malfunction, lip syncing, and virtual anything. We begin not to believe anything that the television media show or say to us. Entertainment, we think not and thank them NOT to think for us, just show the live events, we can turn down the sound and edit out the annoyances.

Thank you for blasting NBC although to change their minds about scheduling is like stopping a Freight train with a Zippo!”

— Jean Harrell:

“I have been bellyaching for years about their live coverage and made numerous calls to them to complain, mainly on their live tennis coverage. I hate it when they televise tennis because they are seldom live and the results have already been posted on the likes of ESPN. They also have the nerve to tell viewers to look away if they do not want to see the result. Keep up your ridicule of their coverage.”

— Javy in Burbank:

NBC completely screwed up the entire Olympics! Seriously, and they wonder why ratings are in the sewer! FISHING on ESPN 2 and the Westminster Dog show got higher ratings because NOBODY CARES ABOUT ICE DANCING!!!

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