‘Old man’ Kornheiser takes a PTI TO … for starting a fire Storm


” ‘Old Man’ Kornheiser is off today,'” said Mike Wilbon at the opening of Monday’s episode of “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN.

Truth is, Tony Kornheiser is off for a few days, essentially because he spoke the truth.

SportsByBrooks.com confirmed (linked here) that Kornheiser’s comments about the attire recently worn by ESPN “SportsCenter” tart Hannah Storm (not her real name: It’s Storen) got him punished by the Bristol suits.

According to an Associated Press report, ESPN VP of content John Skipper said Kornheiser has been banished for two weeks because “hurtful and personal comments such as these are not acceptable and have significant consequences.”

On his D.C.-based radio show last week, Kornheiser said:

Hannah Storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. She’s got on red go-go boots and a catholic school plaid skirt … way too short for somebody in her 40s or maybe early 50s by now. She’s got on her typically very, very tight shirt. She looks like she has sausage casing wrapping around her upper body … I know she’s very good, and I’m not supposed to be critical of ESPN people, so I won’t … but Hannah Storm … come on now! Stop! What are you doing? … She’s what I would call a Holden Caulfield fantasy at this point.

He apologized on the air, and to Storm, last Friday. Kornheiser, via a link from TheBigLead.com (linked here), had an explanation of what happened to open his ESPN 980 show today.

(So he was punished on the TV end, but not on the radio end where the “offense” took place).

I back Tony 110 percent on this one. It had to be said, if not by him, than at the very least by Hannah’s husband, NBC broadcaster Dan Hicks, who has his kids to protect. You can’t let your wife out of the house looking like … well, you know…. no matter how much you think sex sells sports on TV and is vital to your career well-being.

Act your age, Hannah. Ask Linda Cohn for her Macy’s card and do the right thing.

What are you thinking? Really? It’s not a thong and tube-top, but who’s decision is this for you to put on your body?

This goes back to a year ago, when Deadspin.com (linked here) was wondering about the “de-cleavaging” of Storm — she had been dressing much more appropriately. But then …

This clip, in August (note, the long lick with the finger):

You ain’t Hurricane Hannah any more, and we’re OK with that. Dress accordingly. Please. For the kids.

Especially if “PTI” asks you to sit in for Kornheiser this week. Which ESPN, if it was thinking clearly, would do so immediately.

For reference, this is Hannah, on the left and some other ESPN wannabe on the right:

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