Be the first on your block with a 3D TV … or don’t


Sears, where you were once able to buy a do-it-yourself home out of a catalogue — I’ll take the Missionary, my dear Roebuck, and put it on my account –will be the first to do your home right with a 3D TV.

Sears will be the first U.S. retailer for 3D TV sets, pushing the Samsung 46- and 55-inch models starting sometime next month. It is already taking orders for the futuristic contraptions on their website (linked here). Just add it to your freakin’ cart and go forward. There also seems to be a 5 percent “instant savings” on on electronics over $699.

That’s $2,599 for the small flat-screen; $3,299 for the bigger. Or almost twice as much as it used to cost for a Sears house.

You’ll need 3D glasses, and the only thing that’ll work at first are 3D DVD movies — but the 3D DVD players won’t be around until sometime later this spring. And a 3D disc of “Avatar” is expected in November.

ESPN and DirecTV have already committed to launching a 3D channel sometime this year. ESPN wants its channel go to in June in time for the World Cup soccer tournament from South Africa.

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