Four more Dodger bobbleheads to add to the shelf

Eric Gagne — the Dodgers offer these in the 2010 season:
May 18: Andre Ethier
June 8: Jonathan Broxton
July 20: James Loney
Aug. 17: Another Matt Kemp (he was also featured last year).
Some, we’ve passed on. Our shelf doesn’t include Fred McGriff, or a couple of other outfielders of the past who’ve been given out at previous promotions.
That’s our fault. We’ve been lax in trying to collect them all. We only have the second version of the Ramirez bobblehead, given out the night he hit the pinch-hit grand slam, and not the second one.
Now we have a quest to make, to fill out the roster.
Our favorite: Babe Ruth, which is in the middle. Also the Steve Garvey and Ron Cey versions, both large and small, that bookened the shelf.
We’re also partial to the Asian Dodger mascot bobblehead that popped up along the time when the team brought in Hideo Nomo.
Three Lasordas, and one Torre.
Fernando, Gibson and LoDuca.
Drysdale and Newcomb are cool.


But the one date we always look forward to during the Dodgers’ release of promotions are which bobbleheads will be featured.
Oh, we are still looking for the Joe Beimel. Anyone got one to spare?

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