Our Daily Dread: Joe Torre’s so Hollywood … it hurts his locker credibility

A note from today’s daily media release from Glendale, Ariz.:


== Congrats to Time Warner Dodgers on Demand’s Tony Kinkela, the winner of the Dodgers’ Oscars pool with a total of 76 points. Kinkela beat out Vice President, Communications Josh Rawitch, who lost in the tiebreaker by failing to list a running time for the show. Dodger Manager Joe Torre came in third with 75 points and correctly picked The Hurt Locker as the Best Picture winner. Last place honors go to Assistant GM Kim Ng, who proved she spends most of her time watching baseball as she finished with a grand total of seven points.

Those who read between the lines of every Dodgers’ media release looking for clues as to how the organization is performing will likely jerk their knees toward assuming:

=Joe Torre has too much time on his hands?
=Kim Ng has admirably kept her focus, but needs to get out more often?
=Josh Rawitch doesn’t read the fine print?
=A guy from Time Warner can never win. Really, who won?
=How did the Oscar’s “In Memoriam” tribute include Michael Jackson but leave out Farrah Fawcett?

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