Kiana Tom (no relation) wants you: Fatty moms and those who finding it appealing to revive ‘Flex Appeal’


She’s still stretching, reaching, pulling, pushing and toning her abs, in Hawaii. And, yes, we still miss her.


But Kiana Tom’s latest show, “Kiana’s Fit Mom TV,” is what keeps the former ESPN morning workout queen most busy these days (watch it online at

She sends an email out (somehow, I’m fortunate enough to be on her mass mailings):

Due to the over whelming response to “Kiana’s Fit Mom TV,” we are turning the concept into a reality series! If you are a Mom and want to lose 25-50 lbs. and have an inspiring story to tell, click here.

But here’s the better news:

“Kiana’s Flex Appeal” remake: The momentum is building! We also have interest from networks for a remake of the “#1 rated fitness show on television, Kiana’s Flex Appeal!” We are casting HOT HOT HOT women, ages 20-40, fit and sexy. On camera experience a plus, not over muscular. To submit your resume, head shot and body shot, click here.

Or, you can send them to me ( and I’ll screen them for Kiana. Because she’s busy. Being a mom and all.

We now break to check out Kiana’s recipe for oatmeal granola bars with nuts and dark chocolate (linked here). Oh, for the days …

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