Because we need to know ESPN’s reaction to Tiger’s return


Unless you’ve taken a really long bathroom break at work, you can’t help but know already that Tiger Woods is coming back, at the Masters, in April … now get on with your day of paper shuffling.

Unless you’re ESPN, televising the first two rounds of the Masters for the first time, just giddy that this has landed in its electronic lap.

How will ESPN deal with this? If you’ve been watching this morning’s “SportsCenter,” you already know.

It’s the Hindenburg of sport stories.

And ESPN just issued this release:

March 16, 2010

ESPN Statement on Tiger Woods’ decision to return to competitive golf

“Tiger’s return to competitive golf at this year’s Masters Tournament will surely be one of the biggest stories the sporting world has seen. We will cover the Masters Tournament and Tiger’s return across a variety of ESPN platforms, both domestically and internationally.” — John Wildhack, ESPN Executive Vice President, Programming & Acquisitions

Note: ESPN will have First and Second Round coverage of The Masters (April 8-9), as well as live coverage of the Par 3 Contest (Apr. 7).

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