Our Daily Dread: ‘Cause nothing says ‘Showtime’ better than alcohol, ‘Big Game’ James and three unsuspecting women


Again, we’re not worthy …. but how soon we can’t forget:

That’s “Big Game” James Worthy with a couple of ladies apparently on their break from the Foot Locker, and their escort, helping to promote 1800 Tequila’s new sponorship of the Lakers with a special edition bottle of their premium silver tequila — purple and gold labels, as per Jerry Buss’ instructions.

The bottles go for $24.99 at your favorite liquor retail outlet this week. Supposedly, they will be filled with the stuff that can make you silly.


According to the 1800 Tequila press release:

“This is the first time that a spirits company has signed an exclusive tequila deal with the NBA Champion Lakers. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the Lakers play their home games at the Staples Center. Holding records for the most wins, the LA Lakers have the longest consecutive winning streak, the highest winning percentage, the most NBA Finals appearances and the second-most NBA championships. 1800 Tequila is thrilled to make their foray into the professional sports arena with the support of such a celebrated team.”

For real? Thanks for that update, stupid PR person.

The Lakers’ response from chief marking officer Tim Harris, which may be used in a court of law when trying to talk your way out of that DUI after the next Laker game: “Our goal is to ensure that Lakers games are the most enjoyable and exciting games to watch. Through this groundbreaking partnership, 1800 will provide Lakers fans with the familiar flavor of the super-premium spirit and a variety of beverage choices to enjoy while celebrating courtside, while ensuring that we communicate responsible drinking.”

Damn, they had to add those last three words to the statement …

As for why Worthy was picked to help promote this … we can only guess he was the first to volunteer, since Norm Nixon heard about it too late. But then again, according to stuff we’re reading (linked here), Worthy may be leaving Lakerland (and his Channel 2 gig?) to join former teammate Michael Jordan in the Charlotte Bobcats’ front office.

That could be a deadly combo…. Like the time when Worthy was picked up almost 20 years ago for … what was it again (linked here)?

Or as Worthy’s ex-wife Angela once said (linked here) in a “48 Hours” story after her 12-year marriage to James ended: “That feeling of entitlement, that whatever I want, I can have, and that feeling of invincibility. It’s a lethal cocktail.”

Mixed, today, with 1800 Tequila. Shaken, not stirred up.

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