Our Daily Dread: When St. Pat’s Day infiltrates baseball … top of the mornin’, now give us $19.95


It happens every spring.

St. Patrick’s Day lands in Florida and Arizona in the form of a Halloween-type party. How much can a team sell that’s green?

For the Oakland A’s, no problem.


For the Dodgers or Angels, eh … Something you fork out the dough for, wear it one day, toss it in the closet, forget it’s there, buy again next year.

At the MLB.com store (linked here), there’s a whole selection of green stuff to buy to celebrate the occasion. Don’t underestimate baseball’s ability to cash in some green for itself on this annual occurance.

The Boston Red Sox have the most items available for St. Pat’s shoppers — 30, including this T-shirt which probably goes over well at an Irish pub and share ’em with Celtics fans.

The Dodgers have only four items, including this women’s T-shirt that isn’t made by Alyssa Milano. It’s called “Distressed Cap Logo Missy T-shirt by Soft as a Grape.” Item No: 3950480. Just $19.99.

Order it today and it’ll ship in 1-2 business days. Just in time for April I Feel Like A Fool Day.

The Angels have just — just one lousy green hat. So people will think you’re cheering for the Oakland A’s.

See how that works?

Now go buy the kids a round of Shamrock Shakes…

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