Our Daily Dread: Fur sure, Candy Parker is dog-gone set against wearing fur

Never in all the work that the People for Ethical Treatment for Animals do did we ever assume there were people wearing beagle, poodle or cocker spanier as their choice of luxury coat.

Candace Parker apparently wants it to stay that way.


The Sparks star is the latest hoops celeb — Ron Artest, A’mare “Choose ink, not mink” Stoudamireand Dennis Rodman have done it in the past — to join the PETA revolution against animal cruelty. Particularly, against the wearing of fur.

But she’s doing it in a way that, to use, confuses the message.

“I feel very passionate about the fur campaign for PETA,” she says in the latest video clip on the organization’s website (above), as well as posing with her mutt for a campaign poster.

“I really feel like it’s very cruel what [fur businesses] do to animals. … I love my dog and couldn’t imagine anyone harming her. … Animals don’t have a voice, so people have to speak for them.”

Yes, there is testing done on animals that’s not cool. And mistreatment of animals, especially dogs, as we’ve learned from Michael Vick. More dogs, and cats, need adoption.

But to somehow tie dogs into fur trade … are we connecting the dots with a giant leap from Point A to Point Q?

Apparently not, PETA says.

Among the information they give on their site:

“Animals killed for their fur endure tremendous pain and suffering. Foxes, minks, and rabbits–and even dogs and cats–are bludgeoned, stomped, electrocuted, and often skinned alive. Undercover investigations reveal that animals struggle and scream in pain as workers rip the skin off their writhing bodies.”

If that’s the case and we don’t know about it, shame on us. If PETA is trying to stretch the boundaries to get their point across, show me a dog coat or a cat handbag that we shouldn’t be purchasing.

Otherwise, we’re on boad with Candy’s anti-fur project. And if it helps, she’s also offering up a contest to win an autographed ball — a ball, we suspect, that was made of leather? (contest linked here)

No dogs were harmed in the construction of these paragraphs.

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