Coming Friday: Yak-ity Yakcy, powered by Victor Rojas


Think 21st Century chat room. Brought to you via Twitter.

It’s a concept that Victor Rojas, the new TV play-by-play for the Angels and former MLB Network host, kept rolling around in his head while trying to watch and converse with people on his iPhone during the White Sox-Twins play-in game last October. He lost sleep over it.

Why can’t we filter out that string of conversation on Twitter to focus just on the game we’re watching?


The result: Yakcy, a beta site Rojas launched last week to give fans watching a particular event the ability to talk to others also watching without the background 140-word noise.

Check it out (linked here) and we’ll write more about it in the print edition, because that’s where all the teckies go for their state-of-the-art media news.

== Rojas’ blog (linked here)
== Rojas’ Twitter feed (linked here)

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