DirecTV will fatten up on ESPN’s 3D channel this summer

I’m trying to get my kids to eat better — heck, I’m trying to cut all the garbage out of my diet — and ESPN isn’t helping.

The all-sports net, indirectly facilitating the slothing of America and quick-fix, feed-your-face-in-front-of-the-TV dieting, expects great things from its launch of a 3D channel in June, in time to do a bunch of the World Cup games from South Africa.

DirecTV has their backs on this. Thank goodness.


The satellite dish channel said today it has cleared a spot for ESPN3D on its 3D channel lineup.ESPN 3D is supposed to have about 85 live sporting events a year — think X Games, the 2011 BCS title game and this fall’s ACC title game, but it starts with 25 World Cup games, launched on June 11 with South Africa-Mexico.

“And we tried to get people to watch soccer (years ago) … and that didn’t work,” says David Letterman in the clip above. Watch and learn, while going after that dangling carrott that ESPN offers in 3D.

“Watching ESPN’s comprehensive lineup of sports programming in 3D will be like having your own virtual seat at all of your favorite sporting events around the world. We are excited to be the first and only distributor to announce the launch of ESPN 3D and we look forward to announcing additional 3D partners throughout the year,” said Eric Shanks, DirecTV’s executive vice president of entertainment in a press release.

In a three-tiered approach to 3D, DirecTV will have something called N3D, which will have the ESPN 3D programming, in addition to stuff provided by CBS, Fox Sports, Golden boy Promotions, HDNet, MTV, NBC, Turner and AEG Digital media. A second 3D channel will have 24/7 3D pay per view events, and a third will have 24/7 on-demand programming.

DirecTV HD customers will receive free software upgrades to enable the 3D experience. By the way, you also need a 3D television set (which started to go on sale last month) and, of course, them kooky 3D glasses.

If they help you read the labels on the containers of food-stuff you purchase, all the better, too.

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  • http://Pablito PABLITO

    don’t know anyone who has 3d TV.

    don’t know anyone who wants it.

    glad you’re reporting on ANYTHING soccer though. thanks

  • james braselton

    hi there best i own a sony 32 inch 3d tv and i like 3d soo much i watch 3 hours per day useing all 100% 3d espn 3d cannel when do i get 300,000 3d channels