Phil Jackson’s more mixed messages: We get to the finals, it looks good I’ll be back … if not ….


On today’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show (KLAC-AM 570 radio; DirecTV Channel 101), Lakers coach Phil Jackson , in New Orleans prepping for tonight’s contest against the Jazz Hornets, said it about what would make him not return next season:

“Well, you know, there’s a variety of reasons, one, wearing out your welcome so to speak, wearing our your message with your players…(they) get immune to the style. … You watch how the emphasis on what you put into practice and into a scheme. Most of that is in the playoffs, it’s just a whole other level of play. That’s when execution and discipline takes place…I would consider it an unsuccessful season if we’re not in the Finals.”

On if the Lakers are in the Finals, he’s more than likely coming back:

“A good chance of it.”

On if the Lakers don’t get to the Finals:

“I’ll have to think long and hard about it. I think we only have five guys coming back off this roster. There’s a real swing effect coming back with these players. We have one guard signed coming back, Sasha Vujacic, but Farmar, Fisher, Bryant, and Shannon Brown are all free for a move or re-signing.”

On if he would retire as a champion if the Lakers win this year?

“I hold that option, that’s for sure. It’s certainly an option.”

Other stuff ….

On if would leave the Lakers to coach for Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats:

“I can’t see myself picking up and leaving to go back to the East.”

On how much of the NCAA Tournament he has been able to watch:

“Between interruptions and between games, on the nights or afternoons they play, I got to see a couple of games that West Virginia played, a couple games Butler played, a Duke game yesterday after practice here in New Orleans. … Haven’t really got to see Michigan State, but I saw them in the Final Four last year and of course Tom Izzo does a good job with them.”

On if he filled out an NCAA Tournament bracket:

“No, I did not. I don’t know enough about college basketball to fill out a bracket. I feel kind of out of the curve as far as these young players now.”

Now go read a book.

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