Tiger, on the media


Photo by the Associated Press

As part of his meeting of the media in today’s Masters press conference, Tiger Woods answers this one about coverage of his life the last few months:

Q: You and the rest of us discovered a lot of media we didn’t know existed until the accident. (What is) your response to mainstream media, which was much more critical (of him) obviously than it had been? Were you surprised in how (the mainstream media) treated you?

A: I was surprised by mainstream media … I also think the times have changed as well. With 24-hour news it’s looking for any kind of news to get up there and I know a lot of my friends are in here (at the press conference) and I haven’t seen them, haven’t talked to them, but I’ve read their articles and of course they’ve been critical. They should. What I’ve done was wrong. But then again I know a lot of them, a lot of you in here are my friends and will always be my friends.

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