The new Tiger-Nike ad …. creepy? Very much

Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything?

Scheduled to air tonight on ESPN and Golf Channel programming ….

Yes, that’s the manipulated, out-of-context voice of Tiger Wood’s late father, Earl.

Just when you thought Tiger was finished answering questions, he’s put himself into a position to answer up as to why this ad broke now, why his dad’s voice was exumed (at a time when Tiger is supposed to be so protective of his family) and whether this actually exploits his off-the-course problems into a marketing campaign.

Why is Tiger not letting himself just get back to golf?

So we’re supposed to buy a pair of Nikes now so we can feel Tiger’s pain as he listens to his dad’s questions. That’s the point, right?

Poor little pouting Tiger, getting scolded by his dead father, and leaving the viewer confused as to what this meesage is about. Nike should go back to “cartoon Earl” if they really wanted to make a point here, like Gatorade did a while back (before it dropped him from its payroll):

More reaction:

== On SportsByBrooks (linked here): “How desperate is Nike and Tiger get back into your pocket? They’ll exhume Tiger’s dead dad Earl Woods to help restore six-iron sales. … So now that Nike’s image of Tiger has burned down, what do they do? Dig up the old man the company previously pushed out of the picture as quickly and forcefully as possible.”

== On Deadspin (linked here): “Nothing moves athletic apparel like bringing a dead man back to life to talk solemnly about his son’s wandering schlong.”

== On (linked here): “At the end, there’s the Nike swoosh, reminding us that Woods and his sponsors meticulously crafted this whole Tiger Woods persona a long time ago, and that the difference between the persona and the man blew this whole scandal up in the first place. Maybe that swoosh is the perfect way to usher in Woods’s redemption, or whatever they want to call it. But it’s not moving. It’s just sickening.”

== The New York Times (linked here): “How deep did Nike dig to find these paternal nuggets to justify their use in an ad that debuted less than 24 hours before Tiger teed off Thursday at the Masters? And why did the son consent to having his father’s words repurposed to push not just a personal message, but also Nike Golf? The last image of the ad is the swoosh. Natch. … The answer to the father’s question appears to be that serial philandering and addiction rehab can be positioned as a commodity — and that you can roll it out in phases leading to the Nike amendment to the 12 steps: a TV commercial. Nike wants Woods to reclaim some sort of moral high ground so that he can return to regularly representing the company and the golf division that he is crucial to.”

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