J-Clausen, for real and as J-Cameron would see him with language more bizarre than what comes out of Mel Kiper Jr.

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If Jimmy Clausen can help ESPN sell a magazine, and promote the release of “Avatar” in DVD form, why not.

The former Oaks Christian quarterback who left Notre Dame a year early to avoid having to deal with another new coach and make some NFL cash, is the feature story of the ESPN magazine’s edition that comes out Friday — same day as his “pro day” workout for scouts.

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On the back cover, Clausen has been “Avatorized” with a headline that “Avator” producer James Camera approved, written in Na’vi, which reads: “Noble Warrior; He Is Strong; He Is Ready.”


== A video of the Clausen cover shoot (linked here)
== And what Mel Kiper Jr. says about him (linked here)

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