Your must-(not)-have Tiger memorabilia …

i-5a49bb938558dad712e0fc8468d4be3b-Woods-Signed Label inside Curved Display.jpg

No, nothing like the new Tiger Woods headcovers, shaped like a giant condom here.

This is the real deal, Upper Deck stuff. Expensive.

The Carlsbad-based company has a bunch of new “authenticated” memorabilia out. Gotta cash in while the branding is hot.

“We’re extremely excited to showcase these five latest products celebrating Tiger’s return to the PGA Tour,” said Richard McWilliam, Upper Deck’s CEO and founder, in a statement. “We wish him well this week as we’ve put together some pretty compelling items that we’re confident collectors will no doubt cherish for years to come.”

Among the materialism you can purchase:

i-cfe335ab0f053f164290a772a4d17749-Woods-Signed - 2010 Masters Polo (Ltd. 100).jpg

== $1,799.99: An autographed Carmine Dri-Fit polo shirt (limited to 100)
== $1,399.99: An autographed Air Zoom TW 2010 golf cleats, size 11 (limited to 50)
== $999.99: An autographed black TW Tour flex cap, same style worn by Tiger (limited to 100)
== $699.99: A curved display case with a range-driven golf ball and autograph label (limited to 50)
== $199.99: Same as above, but with an unsigned photo (limited to 50).

All at Smooth operators are standing by.

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