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Tiger’s Nike Commercial
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Tiger Woods’ new Nike ad is already ripe for ridicule. And parody. And stinging backlash. And digging up even more ghosts that he’d like to know are out there.

All’s still good.

The voice of Ward Cleaver, as Steven Colbert points out above, probably makes more sense:

“Growing up is a pretty neat thing, Beaver. If you really grow up and it’s all right to look back on the good times you had. Only thing is, when you try to relive them somehow they are never quite as good the second time around. The sad thing is there are some men my age who are still trying to be little boys.”

Or Gene Wilder, from “Young Frankenstein”:

“Hello handsome, you’re a good looking fellow, do you know that? People hate you but why do they hate you? Because they are jealous! Look at that boyish face. Do you want to talk about physical strength? Do you want to talk about sheer muscle? Do you want to talk about the Olympian ideal? You are a god! You are not evil. You are good!” found more (linked here). (linked here) has done even a more marvelous job at collecting the best of the best spin-offs.

With this comment posted: “Needs more Yakety-Sax.”

Other stuff we learned:

== Because Tony Kornheiser exposed it more on a national basis a few weeks ago — and drew a suspension for it — there’ll be more, more and more attention paid to Hannah Storm’s wardrobe every time she appears on ESPN “SportsCenter.” Like Thursday morning, when anyone looking for Tiger Woods news had to spy her first.

And like this recent sighting (linked here), where the undergarment appears to be trying to share spotlight and pad her resume:


Then there’s Toronto Sun-Times columnist Rosie DiManno on Erin Andrews (linked here):

“I’ve no problem with such women exploiting the industry that had so unabashedly exploited them. But it was difficult for serious sports journalists of the female gender — who have to work twice as hard to garner half the respect afforded male colleagues — to be taken at professional value, competing for face-time with bimbos. Andrews — daughter of an investigative TV reporter in Tampa — is no bimbo, though her sideline features are more popcorn than insightful. But this DWTS is colossally unwise. She’s made a fool out of herself and a sham of her profession. Bush league, Erin.”

Eri, typically clueless, responds (linked here): “I don’t know what damage I’m doing. I’m basically killing myself to not embarrass myself. I’ve been in the top three in scoring each week, behind an athlete and a professional dancer and singer. I’m not sure what damage I created for myself. What am I doing to be a bimbo? I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Lay low, Linda Cohn.

== He’s the San Francisco Chronicle’s outdoor writer — and getting busted for selling pot is a surprise? (linked here) Because he couldn’t get a job at the Oregonian?

== So what if KCAL Channel 9 moved news anchor Pat Harvey over to KCBS Channel 2, and away from Channel 9’s Dodgers game coverage, because of her relationship with Jamie McCourt (linked here).

== Is there a conflict of interest with Trent Dilfer working for ESPN and his comments about the upcoming NFL draft? (linked here).

== Well-paid NBA star Kevin Durant doesn’t want to spend the dough to be an Insider reader (linked here).

== There is a difference in how the Charlotte Observer observes a Duke national basketball championship versus one won by the University of North Carolina, even though they’re kissin’ cousins on Tobacco Road (linked here).

== More justified Mariotti bashing — and why did he keep showing up in the background on media row during the NCAA title game Monday? (linked here)

== The Onion has it on why Tiger was followed around the course by some guy in grungy clothes (linked here)


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