Someone was trying to pull together the Christmas Bowl in L.A.? Ho ho … no


The NCAA has approved 35 bowl games for the next four years, including two new ones: the Dallas Football Classic and the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in New York.

That one better than the 34 bowls licensed for 2009-10. Better, we guess, is a relative term.

But among those that were rejected: The Christmas Bowl in L.A., and the Cure Bowl in Orlando, Fla.

The NCAA said Friday that the bowls were licensed on a four-year cycle for the first time, though they will be reviewed each year. The move puts the licensing schedule — from 2010-11 through 2013-14 — in line with the length of bowl conference agreements.

The first Pinstripe Bowl will be played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Dec. 30. It will include the No. 3 team in the Big East and the No. 6 school in the Big 12, excluding Bowl Championship Series participants.


The first Dallas Football Classic at the Cotton Bowl is planned for New Year’s Day 2011, involving the seventh-ranked team from the Big 12 against the sixth-ranked team from the Big Ten. Future games will include Conference USA.

As for this Christmas Bowl idea — no idea who or what was behind it. Anyone willing to take responsibility?

The history books show that on Dec. 25, 1924, something called the Christmas Festival Bowl was played at the Coliseum: USC defeated Missouri, 20-7.

Tough to imagine in today’s hot-button climate ever backing something that seems to run smack into the winds of poitical correctness.

Santa, flip the coin and let’s get on with it.

More on the NCAA announcement is linked here, which includes the entire list (with sponsor names).

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  • Derek Dearwater


    I’ll take responsibility.

    My name is Derek Dearwater, founder of the Christmas Bowl. Having just returned from the FBA Meeting in Arizona today, I realized there would be a question or two regarding our game, since we kept our developments relatively quiet. What surprised me was that two of the first three posts I read on the internet on our game were derogatory. While this is unfortunate, it’s no surprise, as the general public wasnt aware of the efforts and content associated with our bowl game.

    Im confident that the majority of the general public would approve of our game, if they understood more about it; therefore, Ill provide you with a presentation of our concept by downloading this link which will remain active for 7 days:

    Our bowl fell short of meeting the NCAAs licensing criteria due to our inability to secure a back-up conference agreement for the Pac-10 #7 selection. The bottom line is that there were no more bowl eligible teams to align with, given 35 bowls, and the NCAAs 4 year history on bowl eligible teams of 71.8. The Cure Bowl ran into the same problem.

    The Cure Bowl and the Christmas Bowl are both wonderful bowl concepts that make complete sense, given their regional conference alignments, as well as their benevolent causes.

    I cant speak for the Cure Bowl, but the Christmas Bowl will continue to secure licensing in 2011 and beyond.

    Lastly, I loved the LSU and BAMA football Santa’s you placed in the article! Too bad you couldn’t have found USC and UCLA football Santa’s, as they would have aligned better with our bowl.

    Your friend and dedicated supporter of college football,

    Derek Dearwater