L.A.’s Christmas Bowl backer breaks his silence … and we’re still not sure how it could have made it on the 2010 calendar


“Regarding your blog on the Christmas Bowl,” Derek Dearwater wrote in an email to us today, “I’ll take responsibility for the effort.”

Dearwater said he just came back from the NCAA’s bowl meetings in Arizona and “realized there would be a question or two regarding our game, since we kept our developments relatively quiet. What surprised me was that two of the first three posts I read (on our blog) were derogatory.”

That’s a matter of semantics. We choose to think we’re skeptical. Not cynical. Can’t be cynical about the spirit of Christmas.

“While this is unfortunate,” he continued, “it’s no surprise, as the general public wasn’t aware of the efforts and content associated with our bowl game.”

Kinda tough to get people to back you on an idea when the first they hear of it is from an NCAA press release saying they’ve been denied.

“I’m confident that the majority of the general public would approve of our game, if they understood more about it; therefore, I’ll provide you with a presentation of our concept.

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A link that Dearwater sent explains:

== It’s supposed to pit the Pac-10 No. 7 team — of a MAC No. 3, 4 or 5 squad, if the Pac-10 doesn’t have any more bowl-eligible squads — against the WAC’s No. 2 team.

== It is planned for the Coliseum — the facility put the date on hold Dec. 21-24 through 2013.

== Their choice was Dec. 27, 2010 — a Monday, 2 p.m. contest. Choice No. 2 was Christmas Eve, 3:30 p.m.

== The Children’s Miracle Network is the chief benefactor. The bowl’s tagline:
“Creating Christmas Miracles for Children in Need”

== L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa OK’d it. Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Bo Jackson and Tim Brown wrote an endorsment note for it as well. Former Michigan State coach George Perles is on the Christmas Bowl board, with his son, John, the bowl’s president.

Dearwater said his bowl proposal “fell short of meeting the NCAA’s licensing criteria due to our inability to secure a back-up conference agreement” for the Pac-10’s No. 7 selection.

“The bottom line is that there were no more ‘bowl eligible’ teams to align with, given 35 bowls, and the NCAA’s four-year history on bowl eligible teams of 71.8.”

Dearwater said the Cure Bowl, based in Florida, also had the same problem. Both games, Dearwater insists, “are wonderful bowl concepts that make complete sense, given their regional conference alignments, as well as their benevolent causes.”

He’s not giving up. Dearwater said the Christmas Bowl will continue to get on the map past 2011.

And if it’s for the kids, we’re behind it. It’s just that … what harm would it have been to generate some support it the intent was to have it this calendar year?

Need more info, try www.christmasbowl.org Although, when we tried this site, we got that “400 Bad Request” message. Dang it.

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