Goodell on an L.A. NFL playground: Big dollars and common sense that’ll make it work


NFL commissioner Roger The Dodger Goodell, a guest on the NFL Network’s “Total Access” show Wednesday night, said that for a team to return to the L.A. area there needs to be a “terrific stadium, a state-of-the-art facility which the fans here in Southern California deserve.”

Great idea. Next, we build a giant Slip-n-Slide so when a team says it wants to move here, it’ll be easier for ’em to just quickly pass on through as they’re trying to up the ante with their current home market to get a new stadium built for them.

Goodell said of a report that a possible downtown L.A. stadium near Staples Center is in play with the Roski proposal in City of Industry: “We are not aligned in the sense of we’re exclusive to any alternative. … There are some very positive developments. One stadium’s been approved from an environmental standpoint. Another stadium is being developed in the downtown area. These are great solutions for us and hopefully will lead to a better solution overall for our fans in Southern California.”

But then the pending Collective Bargaining Agreement is geting in the way.

“Hopefully, this type of investment where you have to invest hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions of dollars, into a new stadium, we can make those kind of investments, which will be good for the game,” said Goodell.

NFL Net host Rich Eisen : “So the stadium’s the cart and the CBA is the horse?”

Goodell: “It’s one thing to have approval to get a bill, but you’ve got to be able to finance it. We’re opening a stadium in New York this year which is about $1.7 billion, all privately financed. That’s a tremendous investment that the owners have to make to continue to grow the game.”

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