More Q-and-A with Joe Montana

Following up on today’s Q-and-A with Joe Montana (linked here), on how he’s been running around in his new shoes trying to keep up with his two sons trying to quarterback teams at Washington and Notre Dame, while making commercials to promote the Skechers Shape Ups:

Q: We’ve seen the new ads coming out (above) where you’re showing how you seem to be in shape — obviously from wearing these new shoes — and your’e throwing to targets and to receivers. How’d you feel after that day of shooting the commercials?

Joe Montana: I throw the ball with the boys a lot so my arm is fairly good and ready. But I must have thrown 300 balls that day and my arm hurt for a week and half after that.

Q: That was over at Pierce College? Who are the players there you’re throwing to?

JM: I think most of them were extras. One of the guys they told me was a boxer, so everytime I’d throw him the ball, he’d just be beating it up, dropping it. So then we’d have to do it again — they wanted to have all the passes completed in a row. But they didn’t tell me that until the afternoon. If I’d known earlier, I’d have stopped once a guy didn’t catch one instead of just keep throwing. And they weren’t really ‘real’ footballs, but these kind of fake ones that with this tackiness. So they were lighter, but they were almost tougher to throw.

Q: How much of that is TV magic and how much is real?

JM: Maybe they spliced some of it together after awhile, because I’d hit a tire and then two or three in a row then miss one. That throw where I hit the car in the parking lot, that had to be 80 yards. That’s like one of those LeBron James commericals, where he makes the full-court shot. Same with hitting the guy on the lawnmower.

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