Arizona gov tells her side of controversial bill through ESPN website


AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Phoenix Suns fan Mark Hanna holds up a sign during the second quarter of Game 2 of an NBA second-round playoff series in Phoenix between the Suns and Spurs.

In a rare commentary, Arizona governor Jan Brewer (linked here) explains how a boycott of the 2011 MLB All Star Game in Phoenix would be misguided by those protesting her passing of State Senate Bill 1070, a controversial law about immigration reform.

She uses as many sports analogies as possible, by the way, to get her point across:

“Imagine a sporting event in which rules have been agreed to for 70 years, but the umpires refuse to enforce those rules. It makes no sense. Although I recognize that Arizona Senate Bill 1070, as amended, is not the entire solution to our illegal immigration problem in Arizona, most people are united in the hope that it will finally inspire the politicians in Washington, D.C., to stop talking and to start action now.”


“Essentially, our border leaks like a team with a last-place defense. The very same week that I signed the new law, a major drug ring was broken up and Mexican cartel operatives suspected of running 40,000 pounds of marijuana through southern Arizona were indicted.”

Brewer contents that “contrary to many of the horror stories being spread — President Obama suggested families risk being pulled over while going out for ice cream — law enforcement cannot randomly ask anyone about their immigration status.” She also makes clear that to take away the All-Star game is “the wrong play,” and economic boycotts are “an inappropriate and misguided” because they backfire and harm innocent people.

As of 1 p.m. today, there were already more than 2,800 responses to Brewer’s commentary, which was posted on Wednesday.

Brewer’s explanation sounds more logical than how Jason Whitlock’s knee jerked for the KC Star the other day (linked here).

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