L.A. is more than a one-horse town


Some of the more ridiculous interesting choices asked to join in the “This Is My Town” marketing campaign that in some way is supposed to promote the Dodgers: Snoop Dogg, Slash, the Kardashians, Yoda (“My Town This Is” … clever).

Add Zenyatta.

The undefeated filly is now up on a billboard on Hawthorne Blvd. and 106th Street near Hollywood Park in Inglewood. Actually, we remember when we attended a concert by The Police at Hollywood Park. And they probably sang “Zenyatta Mondatta.” We can’t remember. For several reasons.

But why Zenyatta and not, say, Mr. Ed? At least the later can actually say, “This is my town.” And he’s appeared at Dodger Stadium (ask Koufax, Durocher, Roseboro, Davis, et. al.):

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