Want to be in the movie ‘Moneyball’? You better have some game


Filming for the upcoming Colombia Pictures and Sony Studios flick “Moneyball” finds its way to Pierce College this weekend, with a second tryout for players at the school’s baseball field from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Before just waltzing over there pretending to be Barry Zito, a few tips:

The listing that we’ve been forwarded says they are looking only for “REAL baseball players aged 18-35 to protray PROFESSIONAL baseball players in our film.” They’re also looking for what’s called “special ability” extras, as well as some Screen Actors Guild speaking roles.

But, they add:

“Unless you have MAJOR LEAGUE or COLLEGE baseball experience you will not be considered. If you are currently playing college baseball (or if you plan have plans on attending college) on a baseball scholarship you will NOT be considered due college eligibility issues. We are looking for players for all positions. Come dressed and ready to play baseball (pitch, hit, catch). Bring all necessary equipment needed for you to play your position (including bat).”

Oh, and it’s a closed set, according to Pierce College athletic director Bob Lofrano.

The film (linked here), based on the Michael Lewis book about Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, is on schedule to start rehersals and shooting in July. Brad Pitt is on tap to play Beane, with Jonah Hill playing Paul DePodesta. Steven Soderbergh is directing it.

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