Berman’s day in the ‘Wood: Next Monday. … Maybe it’ll rain


It could have been in July, when the ESPY Awards were in town, and he should have shown as the brightest star.

It could have been in August, when the X Games were in town, and he could have shown us all how something this extreme can actually happen.

Instead, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has picked Monday, May 24, as the date to honor ESPN’s Chris Berman with the 2,409th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Be there for the 11:30 a.m. ceremony at 6259 Hollywood Boulevard in front of Dillon’s or be square.

“A star on Hollywood Boulevard is an iconic honor that has literally blown me away,” said Berman. “It speaks to 30 years of hard work for thousands of ESPN employees, and I am proud to represent each and every one of them. I can assure you that this will be the only time that my name will be in a sentence with the likes of Clark Gable and John Wayne.”

First, nothing could literally blow Berman away, unless it was of hurricane proportions.

Second, it speaks more to the fact that ESPN put up the $15,000 entry fee.

Third, we can assure you this won’t be the first time his name is mentioned in the same sentence with Jim Gray — another person who has somehow got a star-shaped design with his name on the walk.

Although Gray has not been in 11 movies — The Longest Yard, Little Big League, Necessary Roughness, Eddie, The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon, Big Daddy, Second String, Even Steven, Kingpin, The Program and Celtic Pride – which Berman has been.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, however, has yet to publicize this event. On its website (linked here), it is still promoting the botched star of Julia Louis-Dreyfus (it was misspelled) and hasn’t mentioned that the next ceremony is Jerry Bruckheimer.

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  • superlaker24

    Does Lindsay Soto still cover football? Where does she work?

  • Tony G

    Wow, the ego gets boosted even more. God forbid he yells “back, back, back… ” or “theeeee raiiiiidaz”