Dodgers may have no opinion on Arizona’s immigration bill, but a sponsor does


The Dodgers’ flagship station, KABC-AM (790), has started airing ads created by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, that calls out the state of Arizona for its new immigration law and contrasts its preceived prejudice and racial profiling with the achievements of Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrier in 1947.

“L.A. unions stand united against Arizona’s immigration law that targets brown people as suspects,” says Maria Elena Durazo, the organization’s executive secretary and treasurer. “What Arizona poses as a solution is no more than ethnic and immigrant scapegoating. It is not what the United States is based on, and it is wrong.

“Our Dodgers’ ad expresses the L.A. labor’s united opposition as part of a rising tide against Arizona’s unfair and mean-spirited immigration law. We call on our federal government to step up to the plate and enact comprehensive immigration reform that deals with the real issues of jobs and families, and fixes our current broken system that drives down wages and working conditions for all workers in our country. This is a federal issue and we must have federal reform.”

The ad can be heard at this link.

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