The Chris Berman Walk o’ Fame star: A first look


Anyone approaching the address of 6259 Hollywood Blvd. on Wednesday afternoon could have seen this: A couple of guys with cement trowels, garbage bags and what looked like material that you use to make Christmas cookies, putting Chris Berman’s Walk of Fame star into shape — without the assistance of NutriSystem.


“Can I take a picture of this?” I asked one of them as he stood off to the side waiting for some quick-dry concrete to set.

“I don’t care,” he answered, taking another drag on his cigarette.

So, just steps from the iconic corner of Hollywood and Vine — right out in front of Dillion’s Irish Pub and Grill, around the corner from the famous Capitol Records building, just West of the Pantages Theatre …


And just across the stained street, a little east, of the hallowed grounds of Hollywood Cabaret (“Girls … Girls … Girls”), the moronic ironic ESPN anchor will be anchored in fame during a ceremony scheduled for Monday morning.

There is no Appleby’s around, however.

You don’t often get to see what’s behind the curtain in how these stars are created. I can now see, with these two guys, how Julia Louis-Dreyfus got her name misspelled a couple of weeks ago, forcing (probably these same two artisians) to dig it up and start over after her ceremony moved forward.

You’d think that, in this stage of the creation, someone with a wicked sense of timing could have easily changed the lettering. Maybe add a “T” to the end of “Chris.”

Sub it out for “Shecky.” Or “Ethel.” Or “Olbermann.”

If only we had more letters. Numbers. Or exclamation points.

Where’s Vanna White when you need her?


Point of reference: The closest leather shop to this star (linked here).

And this is why Berman will never have his paw prints put into the Grauman’s Theatre concrete. Too many hand gestures.

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