It’s elementary: Fox folks react to their 2014 Super Bowl landing sled-first in a Jersey (hopefully) snowstorm


The NFL’s announcement today that Super Bowl XLVII in 2014 will be staged at the new New York Giants and Jets’ home field in New Jersey — and not the usual warm-weather or domed site — drew this reaction from those in charge at L.A.-based and perfect-climate-controlled Fox, the network that’s in the rotation to televise this game:

David Hill, Fox Sports Media Group Chairman and CEO: “Having the Super Bowl in the new home of the Jets and Giants is fantastic. It’s the biggest sports event in the country on the country’s biggest stage. It’s different, and should create buzz for months leading up to it and if we’re really lucky, it will begin snowing right after halftime.”

Fox NFL studio analyst and former Giants star Michael Strahan: “It’s going to be great. It will add a new dimension to the game that we haven’t seen in many years. Many of the NFL’s most memorable games have been played in inclement weather. As a player, you’ll play anywhere to have an opportunity to win a Super Bowl and as a fan, you’ll be part of a historic game. The way I look at it, anyone who is worried about snow or if it will be too cold doesn’t deserve to go to or play in a Super Bowl.”

Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck: “Staging an event as big as the Super Bowl in New York will be terrific. As far as the weather complaints, you play both conference championship games in whatever city and don’t consider the temperature or conditions. Football is an elements game. I know if I had a ticket, I’d go.”

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